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  • The help in researching the archives is based on the network of our coworkers- genealogists who live in a particular locations in Poland and Kresy area and have a direct access to the documentation. You don’t have to pay for the travel expenses or get familiarize with the particular archive structure. You have a chance to get the documents you are looking for faster, cheaper and with a great chance of success.
  • Here, you can also inquire for a grave maintaining, although this is a better place to arrange for it: graves form.
  • Don’t worry-filling out the form below doesn’t mean placing an order. This is just a question regarding your ancestors’ research possibilities and a way to contact with us.
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    Filling out the form, try to pass your information as concretely as it is possible
    1. "I’m looking for the ancestors of Jozef Kowalski born in 1850 in Krakow" that is a query. You should be aware of the fact that would include a wider research, can be divided into stages and there will be some who coordinates the whole process. Choose: “General research” in nearest city/archive list.
    2. "I’m looking for the birth certificate of Jozef Kowalski born in 1850 in Krakow" – that is a particular document research – please choose a particular archive/city/region. If the city is not on the drop down list, then choose “General research”

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    The Foundation does not conduct payable services. The research is managed by professionals, cooperating and recommended by Foundation.

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