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Postprzez LuckyLuke » 05.06.2014


the ancestor of Pilsudski family is searching her ancestors. I am trying to help her, especially with the Czech branch of the family (for free).

These persons are probably included in the genealogical tree, posted here: http://www.genealogia.okiem.pl/pilsudski.htm

Can you provide us with any additional info about this branch, or sources that were used for the pedigree construction?

Thank you very much in advance,
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Postprzez jan5221 » 08.09.2014

There is quite a wellbuilt tree on Geni.com in order to see further away relatives by marriage and so on. Below i our link to Jozef P.:
Birgitte Mari Gutkowski my wife → Sten Magnus Alnelind her father → Agnes Sofia Riekkola his mother → Vilhelmina Kero her mother → Greta Johanna Isaksdotter Mettävainio her mother → Maria Pajala her mother → Henrik Pajala her father → Brita Christina Henricsdotter his sister → Kristian Svanljung her son → Maria Sandman his wife → Nils Sandman her brother → Ida Karolina Sandman his daughter → Ernst Fabian Brander her husband → Ernst Fredrik Brander his father → Barbro Helena von Willebrand his mother → Ernst von Willebrand her brother → Eva Gustava von Willebrand his daughter → Aurora Karamzin her daughter → Pavel Pavlovich Demidov, prince of San Donato her son → Елим Павлович Демидов his son → Владимир Элимович Демидов his son → Barbara Demidoff his wife → Марта/Marta графиня Новицкая
her mother → Bronisław Piotr Пилсудски/Pilsudski her father → Józef Klemens Piłsudski his brother.
Kind regards

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