25380. Langer family, Oberglogau

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Langer family, Oberglogau

Postprzez ewormuth » 11.06.2014

I am seeking information on my great-grandfather, Maximilian Joseph Langer. His death certificate says that he was born on 21 July 1840 in Oberglogau. He was the son of Anton Langer, a master weaver, and Barbara Kura. I will be grateful if you can give me any help in locating the records of my ancestors. I don't have any idea of where to start.

Best wishes,

Elise Wormuth
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Odp: Langer family, Oberglogau

Postprzez rianon » 12.06.2014

Hello Elise,

Oberglogau is German name of a city called in Polish Głogówek - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C5%82og%C3%B3wek.
Do you know if your great-grandfather had any sibling? Do you know when and form which port he emigrate?
I will try to help you, but need more information if you have any.

Best regards,
Pozdrawiam, Magda
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Re: Langer family, Oberglogau

Postprzez ewormuth » 12.06.2014

Thank you for your response, Magda. Unfortunately, this is all the information I have, what was on his death certificate -- I do not know whether he had siblings. Also, he did not emigrate to the US; at some point he moved west, living in Bremerhaven, maybe in Bremen. He died in Goettingen, an inmate in what was called the "lunatic asylum" at that time.

When I look on Family Search, I find two Anton Langers born at a time when Maximilian's father could have been born:

Anton Franz Andreas Langer, christened 29 Mar 1817 in Neisse, parents Clemens Langer and Elisabeth Gebauer

Anton Carl Ernst Langer, christened 27 Apr 1816 in Neisse, parents Felix Langer and Rosalia Hunecke

But I can't find any record of the birth of Max Langer in Oberglogau/Glogowek.

Are there records of guild membership anywhere? Anton was a master weaver.

Thanks for your help,
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