26059. TYLICKI Connection with a member SOKOLNICKI

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TYLICKI Connection with a member SOKOLNICKI

Postprzez ncelleri » 22.09.2014

Sorry, I do not speak or understand Polish. I live in Orlando, Fl, USA. I have no doubt am a distant cousin of a member of this group ~ KRZYSZTOF SOKOLNICKI. I am unable to send him a message as I am a new member.

Krzysztof and I definitely have Piotr and Ewa Tylicki in common , if not more than that. I have also researched another generation preceeding Piotr and Ewa from the village of Lugi.

Jan TYLICKI married Teresa LUGOWSKA 1736 Lugi (Szrensk)
Piotr TYLICKI born June 1751 Lugi , Piotr married Ewa SZCCRIPIORSKA 1781 Lugi
Jan TYLICKI born 1784 (brother Hipolit b 1780) Lugi, married Franciszka CHODUPSCKA July 20 1811
Antoni TYLICKI born 1812 Chodubcka (Kuczbork)
Hipolit TYLICKI born 1855 Grzybowo Kapusnik (Wiecfnia)
Boleslaw TYLICKI born 1893 Peplowo ~~~~~Emigrated to New Jersey USA 191S
Charlotte TYLICKI born USA 1919

I have much more info...thankfully scans of many of these records are online at szukajwarchiwach.pl
Nancy Celleri

Odp: TYLICKI Connection with a member SOKOLNICKI

Postprzez Krzysztof_Sokolnicki » 16.10.2014

Hello, I confirm everything we are cousins. If you need some help in the search for ancestors Tylicki this please write. Regards, Krzysztof

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