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Nowik looking for any information

Postprzez Robertnowik1984 » 19.07.2020

Hello, we don't know each other but we have the same surname my name is Robert Nowik I'm looking for a family Nowik.
My grandfather Marian Nowik wife Boleslaw née Borysewicz had parents Aleksandra +1964 Anne Nowik * 1895 +1992 (only child from the house of Pul) buried in Sokólka lived in a small village Planteczka near to Sokółka Poland - Aleksander had brothers Józef Nowik, Daniel Nowik, (Edward Nowik inhabited in Kharkiv - USSR, Sumska Street ??) (I sister Teofile Nowik * 6.10.1907 +27.10.1974 Charlinska by her husband buried in Pieszyce Poland)
Recently I manage to find information that in 1936-1937
comes out that Jan, Aleksander and Daniel Nowik from Planteczka or Plants near Sokółka inherited after Piotr's Nowik inheritance ... That may be thems father.

I don't have any further information about Aleksander's parents and siblings, or from a close or extended family. I am asking for help. Is this something telling you? Please contact me if something is correct. Thank you Robert Nowik [email protected]
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