9095. Belina Skupiewski Antoni

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Belina Skupiewski Antoni

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Belina-Skupiewski Antoni Tomasz, born about 1772/78 in Galitzia, Poland. In 1794 enrolled himself as volunteer in the army to serve his country Poland. He was part of the "Legia Polsko-Włoska" (Polish-Italian Legion) In 1799 participated as a Sargent in the "Legia Naddunajska" (Danube Legion). He was hurt during a battle on Casselle, Italy, also in Cotrona, Italy and during the Battle of Pultusk, Poland. He joined the "Legia Nadwiślańska" (Vistula Legion) as Second Lieutenant. During 1808-1811 he participated as Adjunt Officer of the 9th French Regiment in the War of Spanish Independence. In 1812 was promoted to Lieutenant of the 2nd Vistula Regiment and participated during the Moscow expedition with the "Legia Dabrowski" (Dabrowski Legion). He accompanied Napoleon to Elba Island during the first exile and returned with him to France for the "Hundred Days campaign" as Colonel. He participated on the Waterloo Battle. He and his firth wife, Magdalena Alcayne, couldn't accompanied Napoleon to his second exile. Instead, they received english permits to travel to USA. In October 1815 arrived to New York, USA. During his time in USA was contacted by Jose Bonaparte and finally in December 1816, the Colonel Belina-Skupiewsky arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentine with other military guys under his orders, to participate in the battles looking Chile independence. At the beginning of 1816, was promoted to General (one of the only three ones that were at that time in South America: San Martin, Bolivar and Belina-Skupiewski (Barón de Bellina Skupiewski in Spanish) In Abril/May 1817 was fired from the Chilean army due to his former acquaintanceship with Napoleon. He participated in few of the Brasil battles of independence. Moved to Peru where he formed a family with Maria Antonia Villa Ceguago with who have descendent. Apparently died in Ecuador about 1840 (not confirmed place nor date).
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