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Last update of base: 25 January 2021
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atabase of graves, tombs, epitaphs are FREE - and using it there are no hidden costs. Online tens of thousands of photos of Polish graves from around the world . These are mostly older graves , because we are trying to respect the feelings of relatives , we also know that the oldest graves are most likely to be forgotten. Database created social effort of many people over the years collect and describe the image. Base graves and tables - however, only a part of a broader Archives Genealogical Photography - accumulated through the portal Genealogy Poles.

earching also a person whose mother, or wife had just the name (if it has been described). If you did not find the results - go to homepage Archives Genealogical Photography and repeat the search there, or browse albums by hand. These two search engines are complementary, with slightly different features. Remember that describe a slow process, so many images may not yet have information, so search the photos do not show up. However, it is not available in the Base. Again, you can add information, according to which the search will work.

You can also find tombstones according to any key (a string). For example

atabase works only thanks to the generosity of people from all over the world. Our database of hundreds of pages of family help , programs, associations and schools. If you appreciate the hard work for the benefit of Polish - help, by donation to Foundation of Reinstatement Cultural and National Heritage.

Polish cementary in Kolomya (Ukraine)

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