Charter (statutes)

Statutory goals of the Foundation

  • Long-term research of great importance for preserving European national identity.
  • Publicising research results of great importance for preserving European national identity.
  • Promoting European culture and national heritage.
  • Searching for, documenting, editing, securing, reconstructing, archiving and popularising missing, scattered and ruined cultural goods and national heritage of European nations.
  • Searching for, maintaining and renovating graves as well as places of executions, deaths, burials, combats and martyrdom.
  • Historical education and information.
  • Informing and publishing.
  • Funding research projects.
  • Funding stipends.
  • Organizing competitions, funding prizes and grants.
  • Managing other entities’ projects.
  • Cooperating with churches and religious unions as well as with governmental, non-governmental, local governmental and international organisations to an extent beforenamed.