Materials and genealogical databases

Armorial and non-armorial (PL+ENG)
Family pages

Graves search engine (ENG)
Locating Polish graves

Library-forum (ENG+PL)
Ads, articles, collections of knowledge

Photography database (PL+ENG)
A great collection of historical photographs

Encyclopedia (PL)
of everything useful in Polish genealogy

Maps (PL)
Pre-partition villages locator

Landowners database (PL)
Estates until 1939

Employees of private estates database (PL)
Managers, stewards, trustee, etc.

1863 January Uprisers database (PL)
Database of all people connected to 1863 Uprising

Biographical dictionary (PL)
Biographies of known and unknown Poles

Sources, bibliography (PL)
Main list of most popular genealogical sources

We give you a free access to the biggest Polish database of genealogical materials, connected to the lots of projects and events gathering documents, photographs and news from many different kinds of sources - such as national and church archives, publications, community interviews and private materials.

Our historians always try to understand and logically connect all of those information - therefore our databases are unique from the worldwide perspective.

These are not tones of materials in one, big haystack – These are tones of logically connected and scientifically formulated information, useful for both private researchers, and amateur genealogist.

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