All genealogical help in one place

Searching for documentation
in the archives
of Poland, and Kresy area
Genealogical, family based
trips to Poland
Your Polish roots materials
and maintaining
retouch and conservation
of old, family
genealogical trees printing
and hand making
family heraldry
your ancestors’ oil porters
and graphics

We want to give you the opportunity to receive a professional assistance at all stages of gaining the knowledge on your own family history. Working since 1999 we gathered a group of the best people and professionals. Apart from genealogical work, we will prepare your trip to Poland, issue a scientific publication on your family history or paint a picture of your ancestor.
We are a Polish foundation supporting private interest in genealogy - and this is why here, you will find the best people, genuinely involved in what they are doing, loving Polish and Poles history.
Tell us where your motherland was - we will help you create a beautiful, true story of who your ancestors were, what they loved, and what was their dream.

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