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finding records realted to January Rising

6.03.2016 20:33
Hello my friends, I am Hopeful someone here can help me find out were to find records related to the January Rising of 1863. I was told by someone that this sight has information regarding people who were involved in the struggle. The only problem is with my limited Polish understanding I can't seem to find out how to search for this information. The reason being there was supposedly ancestors in my family the Dowiat noble family from the Wilno area that were involved in the January Rising somehow. The only male ancestor I know of for sure is my 4th great uncle Nikodem Dowait who was born in 1831 in Mejszagola, although any Dowiats would be worth looking into.

If someone could help me I'd be most grateful.


Hugh Whiting

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7.10.2016 19:22
This site indeed contains the alphabetical list of people who took part in January Rising. The list is based on Russian archives and unfortunately I don't know where a they are located. I have had a quick view at entries concerning the Dowiat family. There are several men with this name mentioned. I found the one you are talking about:
Nikodem Dowiat, nobleman of Wilno province for his part in the uprising was deported by the Russians to Mariinskie (probably it is contemporary Mariinsk in Kemerovo region, half way between Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.) He is mentioned as living there in 1868 and the record also states that he had no family at that time.

The other Dowiats are from the Kowno area, if you would like to know what the Russian records say about them I can translate it for you. The family is also mentioned on this site in the discussion section, but as I have just registered here, I am not allowed to see this content yet. Have you by any chance seen those topics on the current site? When I gain access to more info from this site I can find out whether the members of this forum have any valuable information about the Dowiat family.
My regards.
7.10.2016 19:42
In my previous post I forgot to mention one important information. The record also states that Nikodem Dowiat was 37 years old in 1868, so it seems he is your ancestor. It is also said the deportation condition were unknown - wchich bacicaly means that he might have been sent to that region for a certain number of years and then allowed to go back home.

Sorry for writing a post under my own post but it wasn't really my intention.